Sunday, February 11, 2018

Your silence serves no one

How do you see yourself? A typically cautious or an assertive person when it comes to stating opinions or speaking out about facts?

I am one of those who firmly believe that people deserve to know and hear the truth and so, a firm believer that silence serves no one when the intent is good. This applies from from saying to someone "there is a green thing in your teeth"  or to letting co-workers know about their inability to collaborate. 

However, in some cases, saying the truth or speaking out becomes a major challenge as we are humans who depend on relationships to survive -  choosing deliberately to speak out even when all the good intent is there, is not sufficient to assure that that it will return to your favour.
My choice has been based on the fact that I prefer to live with the consequences of speaking up rather than living with fear or in the shadow of the truth. So, while choosing to be courageous enough to speak out I continuously seek for ways of learning because the good intent can not only live in my mind; it is key that while 

Most of the times, your silence serves no one.
This is the message in this vivid TED Talk by Luvvie Ajayi (a Nigerian author, speaker, and digital strategist born in 1985) with remarkable take-away points about why one should seek to leave this world better than what is found and why choosing to effect change by speaking up can be a way to being the first and to provoke the "domino".

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