Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Payoff - The Hidden Logic that Shapes our Motivations

Dan Ariely’s book "Payoff, The Hidden Logic That Shapes Our Motivations," is reflective and focused on how leaders motivate people, being heavily influenced by Viktor Frankl’s celebrated work "Man’s Search for Meaning".

Based on research all over the world, the book documents the consistent failures in understanding what really motivates people and consequently, what ends up killing motivation (even when the efforts are to strengthen it). Ariely gets to the truth of motivation and shows that performance bonuses can actually reduce performance.

Studies show gratitude and compliments are better motivators and that "acknowledgment is a kind of human magic.” Other factors that truly motivate people also include praise, meaningful work and a real connection to the people you work with.

The thing is that work, like life, is full of aggravations  which means that, sometimes, as Ariely acknowledges, "you cannot rely on your leaders to motivate you or create your meaning. You have to do it yourself."

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