Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Simple as doves and wise as serpents

10 of July 2016 will be a day to remember by the Portuguese people and fans. 
Portugal won EURO2016 and celebration is all around; however, the greatest moment in the history of Portuguese football has not been appreciated or applauded by some.
Twelve years after the (2004) final defeat at home against Greece, Portugal were on the other side of the barricades. France had a bus ready to party, certain they would win (did they forget the "Never underestimate your competitor " rule?), but Portugal took the joy to its country fans, that were craving for this victory for so long.

So, for the ones writting on how this victory "was not exciting", one could say;  "but it ought to have been inspiring, right?!"  This is one of those moments were the one less considered is capable of reacting when losing its best player in such an early moment, and stand ups, not falling on "the trap" and keeps moving forward, able to proceeded to winning! That's a team triumph,  that deserves acceptance and respect.
And, "it ought to be accepted as highly efficient, right?!" A key part of the road to success was coach Fernando Santos, the "old-warrior"; from moment zero he refused to confine with short term goals and intelligentely motivated all by painting the "big picture"  - "I will only go home at the end of the tournamnet and will be received at home in pure joy". His "safety-first" tactics may not appeal to everyone but who can dispute his factual efficiency?

Winning in sports is, like in life, a long, hard and winding road; it requires responsibility, courage, mental focus and persistence alongside with humility and commitment. Not failing to believe and keeping moving forward is key while commanded by leaders that know how to pace their team to peak at the right time - in Santos's words:
"We were simple as doves and smart as serpents."

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