Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A new understanding of leadership

It’s time for a new understanding of leadership, no longer refered by an important title or a a position of authority.
People are ultimately inspired by a leader's way of being, that influences others to change their values and thus their performance.
And what is this then ? A person's way of being in the world, presence and behavior that affects how others follow them.
Effective leadership has less to do with what people know and more to do with the kind of person one is. Leadership is a journey of development and becoming an effective leader requires a healthy dose of courageous self-honesty, involving deeply personal questions that represent only a few of the many leadership challenges.
The good news is that contrary to some beliefs, no one has to be born a leader. Leadership can be developed. It is an exciting journey with few short cuts and it is not an intellectual exercise.
Athletes practice and musicians rehearse so that they have the skills they need to excel. Real leadership is more than reading books, learning and applying tips and techniques. It is a commitment to aligning values and beliefs with actions; and that takes commitment and practice.
So, are you ready to start?